LoPro™ Gel Seat Pad With Contour-Cushioning Foam - Touring

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Size:  17.5" x 14"  (tapers to 10")

Our LoPro™ line of gel seat pads are designed specifically to distribute weight and deaden vibration more effectively than any other seat on the market. Yet, this style is just half the thickness of the classic style gel seat pad. There is a peritoneal groove in the center to minimize pressure and to add ventilation. The LoPro™ can be used with virtually any make and model of motorcycles on the road today.
Unique Product Features & Benefits 
  • Our newest advanced viscoelastic molded gel tailored to control vibration and shock better than any other gel on the market.
  • Royal Riding Gel is ½” thick molded gel -- will not bottom out.
  • Contour-cushioning foam offers the highest level of comfort available-priceless for long distance rides, it softly conforms to your shape and eliminates localized pressure.
  • Eliminates pressure points or “Hot Spots” which can cause discomfort.
  • Lined on the inside to prevent water absorption into the foam when caught in the rain
  • 1 Year Warranty workmanship.
  • Unique “grippy bottom” on all gel pads –rubberized surface prevents it from sliding
  • Elastic adjustable strap to hold pad in place on seat; easy to remove.
  • Spacer Mesh™ ventilated cover.
  • Low profile - only raising the rider 1/2" off the seat.
  • Contoured for better leg passage
  • Designed specifically for relief of the tailbone, prostate & it leaves room for the boys!
  • Compact design - Folds neatly into tight storage.