Ride In Comfort.. For Longer!

We love riding! Whether you are riding a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, quad, horse saddle or outside sitting for long periods of time, our mission is to provide comfortable, quality Gel Seat Pads so you can Ride Longer - Ride Like Royalty.

With 5 standard sizes of motorcycle gel seat pads and 3 different cover options to meet your specific needs, Royal Riding has got you cushioned!

Sheepskin — GENUINE, not synthetic sheepskin:  Cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Soft and resilient.  Its fibers breathe, acting like a natural thermostat for your body. These hollow fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet.

Neoprene Covers:  Genuine “Wet Suit” Neoprene, 100% waterproof, soft and durable-looks great, excellent insulation.

Cool-Tush™ Cover — Our best selling product: ventilated cover for maximum air flow, thin and light weight cover, water resistant, new waterproof zippers.  Allows a cool ride without the sweating feel.


Our contour-cushioning foam and molded gel seat pads distribute weight evenly to reduce pressure on the tail bone and rear end.

Benefits include:

  • Elimination of pressure points, hot spots,
    and that “numb feeling” in the rear end
  • Relief from jarring as the seats absorb vibrations
    caused by small bumps and road irregularities
  • Comfortable soft sheepskin or new Cool-Tush™ ventilated covering

You’ll be amazed at the difference a gel pad seat pad will make, especially for long
distance rides!

Guaranteed Quality

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Lifetime Warranty on Gel.Comfort is only the starting point – our seat pads are also practical. They quickly strap in place, and are made in different shapes and sizes to fit many makes and models.

  • Royal Riding Gel Pads are made with a 1/2 inch thick molded gel that will never bottom out
  • Our gel is the same advanced viscoelastic gel used in medical and sports applications
  • Royal Riding seats also come with a 1 year warranty for the gel pad and workmanship
  • All pads have a layer of contour-cushioning foam to protect and alleviate pressure