Royal Riding Testimonials

We at Royal Riding are motorcycle enthusiasts who will tell you all day how hard we work to make products that allow you to enjoy your motorcycle more. However, don't just take our word for it. Here are some reviews and testimonials for Royal Riding.

Watch this testimonial from David Shirley, former President of Progressive Suspension and Vice President of Product Development for Motorsport Aftermarket Group and motorcycle enthusiast.




I just bought my cool tush seat pad with relief at Americade in Lake George. We had a 5 hour ride to get there on our motorcycles and my tailbone was killing me! I was so glad to meet the girls at the expo. I just want to say I love my seat pad! My 5 hour ride was so comfortable and my tail bone didn't hurt at all! I am so in love with this product! I will recommend them to everyone! Thant you again for making such a great product! :)"

- Lisa S. (purchased Large Relief Cool Tush seat pad at Americade 2017)


"Lars, this is Harley, just wanted to say thanks for the seat, after riding it around Sturgis I decided to ride it back to Texas, very comfortable!"

- Harley T.  (purchased Tour with Backrest at Sturgis 2017)


"Lars, thanks for all U did with back rest u knocked it out of the park it is great thanks again."


Tom C. (purchased Tour at Sturgis 2017)

"This is the second time we have purchased the Royal Riding Extra Large Sheepskin Gel Seat Pad w/Memory Foam 16 x 12. We had the first one for a couple years before it came up mia on a ride. Ordered this one and received it quickly. Received a percentage off and free shipping. Thank you!"

Amazon Customer (purchased Sheepskin Gel Seat Pad 2017)


"The wife and I rode 2363 miles the other week from NC to WI. These pads are the real deal!! If you do much long distance riding these are a must. Longest day was 13 hours in the rain. Tired but not saddle sore. Well worth the cost!!!"

Amazon Customer 2015


"I love my gel seats. I have two and going to buy more!"

eBay Customer 2017


"After seven different seat pads, I got the 'Cool Tush' based on your recommendation. It's great. I really like it - especially the tailbone space. I've ridden a lot with it and it's fantastic. It's really been a great addition to my scooter. Thanks for your help last July."

Scott B. (purchased 2017)