Sheepskin Gel Seat Pad with Contour-Cushioning Foam - Touring

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Size:  17" x 12" 
Simply the finest, most comfortable, highest quality pad on the market today. 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee! The Royal Riding gel seat pad provides the highest comfort available. Constructed with 1/2” advanced viscoelastic molded gel eliminates pressure points, 1/4” layer of Contour-Cushioning foam and covered with a Neoprene cover for increased water resistance.
Unique Product Features & Benefits
  • Made with advanced viscoelastic molded gel used in medical and sports applications
  • Royal Riding Gel is ½” thick molded gel -- will not bottom out.
  • Contour-cushioning foam offers the highest level of comfort available-priceless for long distance rides, it softly conforms to your shape and eliminates localized pressure.
  • Eliminates pressure points or “Hot Spots” which can cause discomfort
  • Absorbs vibration, small bumps and road irregularities. Eliminates that numb feeling (“Monkey butt”)
  • Lined on the inside to prevent water absorption into the foam when caught in the rain
  • 1 Year Warranty workmanship.
  • Unique “grippy bottom” on all gel pads –rubberized surface prevents it from sliding
  • Elastic adjustable strap to hold pad in place on seat; easy to remove
  • Cool-Tush™ ventilated cover